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How many coupon inserts this Sunday? A bunch! –

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How many coupon inserts this Sunday? A bunch! How many coupon inserts will we have in the Sunday paper? A bunch! Read on for the coupon preview.

A Valve VR headset will finally be real

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Valve Corporation’s VR headset, Valve Index, will officially launch in May 2019. The previously rumored launch was confirmed with a teaser on Friday with more details forthcoming. Per earlier rumors, the Valve Index should have a 135-degree field of view and knuckles controllers. It’s also likely that the tracking will be “inside out” (sensors inside the headset, as opposed to previous generations of Vive and Oculus, which used external sensor

Nintendo Switch Online, iPad Pro, Dyson Pure Cool Tower, and more deals for March 30

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and helped lead it to become the powerhouse we know today, spearheading the launch of iconic innovations such as the iPhone, iPod, iMac, and MacBook Pro. Suddenly, WiFi was everywhere. WiFi technology has grown and changed since 1997: we now have new innovations that help improve the user experience with wider coverage and faster speeds such as MU-MIMO technology, 5GHz band frequency, and

This $22 LED tracing pad will help you draw (and trace) like a pro

It takes time to put in the hours needed to master a craft. Not all of us can be Bob Ross — in fact, this video is proof. If you’re just getting started on your journey to being an artist, all this can be discouraging. But the age-old adage holds true here: small steps lead to big things over the long term. Aspiring artists have to start somewhere, and this

Attention film buffs: Get three movies for just $19.99 at Vudu

While we typically opt to watch movies online for free or within subscription services we already pay for (or mooch off of), it’s nice to actually own a movie if it’s one of your favorites. That way you can watch it whenever you want without having to worry about it not being available. If you’re unfamiliar with Vudu, it’s a streaming site that is completely subscription free — you only

Building a PC? This GeForce graphics card is on sale for less than $500.

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Building your own PC rig is an extremely fun and rewarding process, but it can also be incredibly stressful on account of all the separate parts that need to go into it. You’ll need a PC of course. (Or a gaming laptop, if you want to stay nimble.) You’ll probably want a headset and for sure a gaming keyboard.  If we may, let us help you check one of those

Best 4K TV deals: Save on Sony, Samsung, VIZIO, LG, and more on sale this weekend

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Now that the weekend is here, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation for a few days before getting back to work. Why not spend this time just watching movies and TV shows on a brand new 4K smart TV for your home? SEE ALSO: How to watch movies online for free — legally We found the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy on 4K TVs of

Breathe easy: These are 7 of the best humidifiers for a healthier home

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Allergies. Asthma. Dry skin. Of course it’s just the weather outside, right? Nope. Dry air inside your home could also be contributing to these pesky health issues. But, there’s something you can do about it. If you’re over coughing, sneezing, and flaking, it might be time to buy a humidifier for your home.  A humidifier can help increase moisture indoors, especially when it’s cold outside (winter is coming!) and there’s

Best vacuum cleaners, according to online reviews

Keeping a clean house is a job that never ends. Having a great vacuum that can handle it all is absolutely essential. After you’ve decluttered your junk drawers, reorganized your closet, and wiped down months of outdoor water buildup from your windows, it’s time to focus on vacuuming the rugs, carpets, cushions, and everywhere else dust, dander, and debris has been hiding. SEE ALSO: Tons of vacuums are on sale

Lyft investors are banking on self-driving cars, not ride-sharing

Lyft became the first ride-hailing app to go public on Friday, skyrocketing to a $23.4 billion valuation. But don’t get too excited for drivers. Investments in Uber and Lyft are basically big bets on future products like autonomous vehicles, not the people behind the wheel.  SEE ALSO: Lyft hits the stock market, sells shares for $72 in highly anticipated IPO As we’ve seen, Lyft isn’t profitable. Last year it lost