Calphalon knife sets on sale for up to 53% off on Amazon

31/07/2019 Uncategorized



TL;DR: Score a fancy Calphalon knife block set for up to $90 off when you order from Amazon.

August is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: It’s apple-picking season, my dudes.

The beginning of the month marks the official start to several weeks of peak harvesting for the juicy red fruit, which means two things: For one, everyone you follow on Instagram is about to go to an orchard and post about it relentlessly. But more importantly, it means you can start cranking out homemade pies and cobblers like it’s nobody’s business. 

To make the latter easier, you’ll need a great set of knives in your kitchen arsenal — super sharp ones that can slice through a crisp Macoun or Macintosh like it’s butter.  Read more…

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