Lodge cast iron set on sale at Walmart — save $80

31/07/2019 Uncategorized



TL;DR: The versatile Lodge five-piece cast iron cookware set is on sale for $69.95, saving you $80.

I knew I was creeping into adulthood when I put a cast iron skillet on my Christmas wish list a few years ago, and I knew it even more so when I excitedly tore into the wrapping paper that contained that heavy piece of cookware.

I’d been excited about kitchen appliances before, like when I got my first slow cooker, but I felt a genuine pride in owning a cast iron skillet. I have since used it to make dishes like burgers, mozzarella stuffed chicken, blackened veggies, and tons of other stuff that was made significantly better by being prepared on seasoned cast iron. Read more…

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