Rubbermaid’s massive, 18-piece storage set is only $19 at Walmart

31/07/2019 Uncategorized



TL;DR: This leak-proof food storage set from Rubbermaid contains 18 pieces in total, and you can get it all for just $19.26 at Walmart — a savings of $10.

Nothing hits quite like a good batch of leftovers from the night before — they just inexplicably taste better (don’t believe us? Here’s proof). But if you don’t have anything to store those lovely food scraps in, you’re out of luck. Now, you either have to scarf it down and risk a massive stomach ache, or throw out it and waste it all (now that’s not very eco-friendly, is it?).  

Cement your food storage plan with this 18-piece set from Rubbermaid — it’s literally only $19 at Walmart ($10 off the usual asking pricing) and will totally eliminate your leftovers dilemma for the foreseeable future.  Read more…

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