Alexa can do a lot more in your car with Echo Auto skills

14/03/2019 Alexa, Amazon, Echo Auto, Tech, Voice Assistants


Amazon’s Echo Auto just skilled up.  Developers can now make skills just for the Auto, which works with your phone or with some in-car infotainment systems. What’s it for? It’s basically an Alexa digital assistant device made specifically for the car.  Amazon announced on Wednesday the new customizable skill-making for the car, which it argues is different from developing skills for a living room or kitchen space. Car skills will

Facebook faces criminal investigation over controversial data sharing deals

14/03/2019 Facebook, Social Media Companies, Tech


As if today couldn’t get any worse for Facebook, the company is now facing a criminal investigation as the result of its controversial data sharing practices. Federal investigators are scrutinizing partnerships that allowed other companies to access users’ data without their consent, according to a new report in the New York Times.  SEE ALSO: Why we should all be skeptical of Mark Zuckerberg’s new commitment to privacy The investigation reportedly

Flight on Southwest or American? Make sure it wasn’t on a Boeing 737 Max.

The FAA may have just messed up your travel plans.  On Wednesday, the agency announced that it’s grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 airplanes after two fatal crashes in the last five months. The two airlines with the most Boeing 737 Max 8 planes? Southwest with 34 and American Airlines with 24.  The Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday prompted the groundings. Just a few months before in October,

Pfizer Settles with Oregon Over Drug Price Coupons – Policy & Medicine

13/03/2019 Uncategorized


Pfizer Settles with Oregon Over Drug Price Coupons  Policy & Medicine On March 11, 2019, Oregon Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum announced a nearly-$1 million settlement ($975,000.00) with Pfizer for distributing misleading …

Kohl’s: New 20% coupon + $10 men’s & intimates coupons through TODAY –

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Kohl’s: New 20% coupon + $10 men’s & intimates coupons through TODAY Kohl’s has a new 20% coupon valid today online and $10 men’s and intimates coupons that expire today, as well. Plus you can stack the offers!

Save $164 on a TP-Link mesh WiFi system to power high-speed internet through your home

Anyone can sign up almost anywhere for fast internet service, but the biggest hurdle to a speedy connection is often in your own home. Signals from a normal wireless router can run into dead spots, even with WiFi extenders. If you discover that your episode of The Umbrella Academy buffers between the living room to your bedroom, then the best blanket solution is a TP-Link mesh WiFi system. SEE ALSO:

Get Philips Hue Smart Bulbs at their lowest price ever on Amazon

There’s no longer any valid reason to have boring incandescent light bulbs installed in your home. It’s not just that they’re wildly inefficient, but they always stay at the same bland color. You need to do both yourself and your living room a favor and upgrade to the latest line of Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, which offer technology that would make Tony Stark proud.  Give your home a smart upgrade

Crappy toaster troubles? This one from KitchenAid has cooking presets and is $40 off at Walmart.

A toaster may not seem like an appliance that should be a premium purchase — how hard can it be? Yeah, that’s everyone’s thought until only one side of the bread gets toasted or a bagel gets stuck and catches on fire.  It’s time to upgrade: This two-slice toaster from KitchenAid provides the quality your breakfasts deserve, and it’s one sale for just $59.99 at Walmart. SEE ALSO: 10 of

Dark mode for Google Chrome is finally out on Mac

13/03/2019 Dark Mode, Google Chrome, Mac, Tech


Dark modes are all the rage, and now Chrome has come to the table. With the release of Chrome 73 on Tuesday, the browser now natively supports the dark mode long offered in macOS Mojave. SEE ALSO: How to enable ‘dark mode’ in 10 popular mobile apps If you have dark mode enabled in your Mac’s settings (open up System Preferences > General, then select “Dark” by the Appearance option)

The trailer for ‘CRYPTO’ just dropped, and cryptocurrency is good now

With all the exit scams, weird meat obsessions, and cantankerous fan-boy culture, the world of cryptocurrency is kind of a drag. And that’s without even touching on the current and persistent bear market.  But all that has changed, denizens of the internet. Cryptocurrency is good now, and we owe it all to the trailer for the upcoming crypto-themed action flick starring none other than Snake Plissken himself. Say hello to

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