Facebook has removed 1.5 million videos of the New Zealand shooting, but questions remain

We already knew that Facebook moved quickly on Thursday to stop videos of the New Zealand mass shooting from spreading, but now we have some actual numbers. In a public statement and identical series of tweets dispensed by Facebook Newsroom, the company confirms that 1.5 million videos were removed in the first 24 hours following the terror attack on two New Zealand mosques that left 50 dead and 50 injured

Qualcomm won a $31 million patent infringement case against Apple

18/03/2019 Apple, Iphone, Lawsuits, Qualcomm, Tech


Qualcomm has won a victory against Apple in a sideshow to the main legal struggle between between the two tech giants. A San Diego jury has found that Apple infringed three Qualcomm patents regarding iPhone startup and battery life, according to Reuters. The jury has ordered that Apple pay $1.41 per iPhone with patent infringement, which comes to about $31 million. SEE ALSO: Qualcomm speeds up Wi-Fi for a 5G

Here’s what some electric vehicles will sound like to warn pedestrians

The American rock band Linkin Park is helping Mercedes-AMG come up with just the right sound for its electric performance car. That’s not a joke. At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, Mercedes executives said the music group would develop the sound the normally quiet battery-powered vehicles would make when driving to alert pedestrians. That’s because electric vehicles are pretty much silent, and dangerously so, regulators say. Think about

PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Fire TV Stick, and more deals for Mar. 16

Spring season officially begins on March. 20, and that means misery to people that suffer from hay fever. With symptoms ranging from sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and many more. These symptoms will interfere with sleep and make it hard for you to concentrate throughout the day. Rakuten is currently offering a refurbished Dyson AM11 Pure Cool HEPA filter tower purifier with code HOME20 for $159.99 (listed at $499.99). Having

Become a digital marketing guru with these cheap online courses

It’s both amazing and completely bonkers that you only really need a computer and a reliable internet connection to make good money in 2019. And while you can always learn how to code and build websites for companies, there’s also money to be made in digital marketing (lots of it, FYI). But digital marketing has also expanded significantly to include much, much more than setting up an Instagram account and

Get a dash cam to protect yourself on the road for as little as $30

If you’ve ever been sucked into the black hole that is YouTube, you’re likely familiar with the wonderful world of dash cam footage. In it, you’ll witness talented parallel parkers, insane crashes, and even meteor blasts. But dash cams don’t just exist to immortalize highway drama. They can also save your butt when a person doing the Bird Box challenge collides with you on the road. We know you don’t

Oh look, the Apple Watch might actually be good for something

Eighty-four percent of the time, it works every time.  A study involving more than 400,000 participants and their Apple Watches indicated that the smart device may provide some form of early warning for those experiencing the heart rate irregularity known as atrial fibrillation. So reports Reuters, which notes that the research was funded by Apple.  The study, done in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, required people to wear an Apple Watch

Tinder just made it harder to know why you’re seeing awful profiles

17/03/2019 Big Tech Companies, Dating Apps, Tech, Tinder


The more getting rejected changes, the more getting rejected stays the same.  Tinder announced in a March 15 blog post that it had stopped showing users potential matches based on the frequency with which people swiped left or right on their respective accounts. Now, using lots of words to explain very little, the company says it just does something even more nebulous and undefined — but you’d better believe that

Snapchat reportedly announcing new gaming platform in April

17/03/2019 Big Tech Companies, Snapchat, Tech, Tencent


If a new report is correct, you could soon have the option of playing a smattering of mobile games on Snapchat in between all of those goofy snaps you take of your dog barking at its own shadow.  The news comes from Cheddar, which reports that Snapchat will announce the platform, codenamed “Project Cognac,” at its partner summit on April 4 in Los Angeles. Cheddar also reports having seen an

Going out this weekend? Get a taxi coupon at the bar – KOIN.com

16/03/2019 Uncategorized


Going out this weekend? Get a taxi coupon at the bar  KOIN.com The City of Portland and various taxi services are teaming up to ensure a safe St. Patrick’s Day weekend is had by all.

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