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These 10 Amazon Alexa skills are more weird than useful

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is a lot of different things at once. To some people, it’s a useful tool that makes daily household life significantly more convenient.  To others, it’s a bit invasive and creepy to have something listening to all of your conversations at home.  One thing most people can probably agree on is that Alexa is weird. A voice-powered home assistant with a huge number of community-made skills

Alexa can do a lot more in your car with Echo Auto skills

14/03/2019 Alexa, Amazon, Echo Auto, Tech, Voice Assistants


Amazon’s Echo Auto just skilled up.  Developers can now make skills just for the Auto, which works with your phone or with some in-car infotainment systems. What’s it for? It’s basically an Alexa digital assistant device made specifically for the car.  Amazon announced on Wednesday the new customizable skill-making for the car, which it argues is different from developing skills for a living room or kitchen space. Car skills will