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Amazon Kindle (2019) review: A cheap, barebones e-reader that works just fine

13/04/2019 Amazon, E Books, E Reader, Kindle, Reviews


Amazon Kindle (2019) $89.99 View Product The Good Thin and light • Less than $100 • Front-lit display • Supports Bluetooth headphones for audiobooks The Bad Lowest resolution display of all Kindles • No USB-C port • No water-resistance The Bottom Line Amazon’s cheapest Kindle works fine for reading books, but the low resolution e-ink screen might be a turnoff. ⚡ Mashable Score 3.0 😎 Cool Factor 2.0 📘Learning Curve

Amazon is making its own AirPods rival: report

05/04/2019 Airpods, Airpods 2, Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Apple


Not content to simply run the world’s largest online retailer, it looks like Amazon is ready to take its growing hardware division even further in an attempt to compete with Apple. Amazon will bring its own version of the AirPods to market sometime later this year, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Bloomberg’s sources said Amazon’s wireless earbuds will come with many of the same features that Apple’s AirPods have, but possibly

Twitch Prime members can now get up to a full year of Nintendo Switch Online for free

Twitch is at the epicenter of broadcasting and watching video games. The service is home to monumental success stories within its catalog of streamers — Ninja, the most followed streamer on Twitch, immediately comes to mind, as well as gamer and YouTube personality Pokimane, and even that one guy who fell asleep during his livestream for a couple of hours. With over 15 million daily active users, Twitch has cemented

Drunken online shopping is big business — especially for Amazon

25/03/2019 Amazon, E Commerce, Online Shopping, Shopping, Tech


Amazon is already more than dominant in the online shopping space, but add a shot or three of tequila and that Amazon Prime free two-day shipping looks even more appealing. Tech and business newsletter The Hustle surveyed more than 2,000 alcohol-drinking adults about their online shopping behavior after imbibing and found that on average, shoppers spent more than $400 per year on items bought while intoxicated. If you apply that

These 10 Amazon Alexa skills are more weird than useful

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is a lot of different things at once. To some people, it’s a useful tool that makes daily household life significantly more convenient.  To others, it’s a bit invasive and creepy to have something listening to all of your conversations at home.  One thing most people can probably agree on is that Alexa is weird. A voice-powered home assistant with a huge number of community-made skills

Alexa can do a lot more in your car with Echo Auto skills

14/03/2019 Alexa, Amazon, Echo Auto, Tech, Voice Assistants


Amazon’s Echo Auto just skilled up.  Developers can now make skills just for the Auto, which works with your phone or with some in-car infotainment systems. What’s it for? It’s basically an Alexa digital assistant device made specifically for the car.  Amazon announced on Wednesday the new customizable skill-making for the car, which it argues is different from developing skills for a living room or kitchen space. Car skills will