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Get a lifetime subscription to this VPN for just $20

Another day, another Facebook data leak to remind you that online privacy is an eternal struggle requiring you to always be on your toes. One great way to protect yourself online is by getting a VPN. We’ve outlined some of our picks for the best VPNs before, the best cheap VPNs, and even those that are most loved by people on Reddit. But when we see a great deal on

What the hell is going on with Matthew Lillard’s Instagram account?: An investigation

13/04/2019 Instagram, Social Media Companies, Tech


Even Hollywood’s brightest stars are vulnerable to the pain and suffering of Instagram’s broken customer support system. Good Girls actor Matthew Lillard — also known for starring in cult classics such as SLC Punk!, Scream, and Hackers — learned this the hard way when he recently discovered he was locked out of his Instagram account.  Lillard suspects he was hacked, but — celebrities are just like us! — his attempts to reach

This New ‘Fortnite’ Feature Is Brilliant

13/04/2019 Consumer Tech, Fortnite, Gaming, Mashable Reels, Tech


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Get the Dell Vostro 15 5000 business laptop on sale and save more than $600

Whether you work for a major corporation or your own tiny startup, you need the flexibility to work anywhere. To do that, you need the right business laptop that’s super portable but powerful enough for all of your spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. For right now, you can take advantage of Dell’s latest Deal of the Week to get the perfect laptop that helps you get down to business. Get work

Get a massive 86-inch LG 4K TV for 50% off and a free $350 Dell gift card

Are you mentally and physically prepared for the three hour crucible of Avengers: Endgame? If you got your tickets before every movie theater site crashed, there’s still time to catch up with a Marvel movie marathon. But do yourself a favor and just stream all your Marvel movies at home so you don’t have to worry about bathroom breaks. And with that, you will need a nice giant 4K TV

Seven eyebrow-raising admissions from Uber’s IPO filing

So Uber is finally going public.  The ride-hail company perhaps best known for sketchy business practices and a culture of sexual harassment released on April 11 a lengthy prospectus detailing its plan to get that money. The document, required by the Securities and Exchange Commission and written for the benefit of potential investors, serves as a compendium of the company’s hopes, dreams, and fears.  SEE ALSO: Here’s what we learned

Uber beats Lyft with IPO payout to drivers

12/04/2019 Drivers, Ipo, Ride Hailing Apps, Tech, Uber


Uber drivers might not get health insurance or other benefits, but after the ride-hailing company filed to go public Thursday, it’s paying out long-time drivers with a cash reward and an option to invest in the company. In its filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Uber spells out details about a driver appreciation reward and directed share program. It’s a way for drivers to get something back from

Apple finally lets users listen to podcasts directly on the web

12/04/2019 Apple, Podcasting, Podcasts, Streaming Services, Tech


Apple is giving its podcast web pages a much needed update. The Cupertino-based company is rolling out newly designed web pages for all shows available via Apple Podcasts. One of the most notable changes? Users will finally be able to listen to podcast episodes directly, right on the Apple Podcast web pages for each show. A screenshot of the newly designed Apple web pages for podcasts. Image: Screenshot / Mashable

Burning Man’s online ticket sale had a meltdown, and people are pissed

11/04/2019 Burning Man, Other, Tech


When it comes to online ticketing, being radically self-reliant will only get you so far.  Scores of Burners found that out the hard way on April 10, when the annual Burning Man ticket Main Sale devolved into a frustrating and broken mess. Yup, that’s right, there were some serious technical issues — and people are pissed.  SEE ALSO: Trump administration wants to build a wall around Burning Man The Main

Instagram cracks down on ‘inappropriate’ content

Instagram is taking new steps to limit the reach of content it deems “inappropriate.” The app will no longer recommend content that’s “inappropriate,” in its app, even if it doesn’t explicitly break Instagram’s rules, the company announced Wednesday. The changes come amid a series of updates from Facebook to “manage problematic content across the Facebook family of apps.” For Instagram, this means the company is taking new steps to limit