10 cool gadgets and everyday products on sale this weekend

20/05/2019 Uncategorized



Four things are necessary for your survival on this here Earth: food, water, oxygen, and shelter. That’s just Biology 101. 

Now, your access to the following 10 items won’t mean the difference between life and death. But they *can* mean the difference between, say, an organized wallet and a bulky pocket, or a delicious home-cooked dinner and a Lean Cuisine you found in the back of your freezer.

Plus, they’re all on sale for the next few days, so you really can’t go wrong by checking them out.

Full Face Snorkel and Diving Mask

A must-have for any tropical getaway, this GoPro-compatible diving mask lets you record underwater adventures without obscuring your view of the ocean floor. It also features an anti-fogging design, which you’ll know is a huge plus if you’ve ever been snorkeling or scuba diving before. Read more…

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